GABRIELLA M. COLUCCI Arterra’s founder and CEO.
Bachelor and Master degree in Agronomy at the University of Napoli “Federico II”, in 1990. She worked as researcher in Italy, Nigeria, USA and Australia. More recently she worked as Senior Research Scientist at Arena Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, California. She returned to Italy in November 2003 to build up Arterra Bioscience srl.

FABIO APONE Scientific Director and Coordinator in Arterra Bioscience.
Bachelor and Master degree in Biology at the University of Camerino, Italy, in 1994. He got his PhD in Cell Biology from University of Pisa. He was a Post-Doctoral fellow at the University of Camerino and at the University of California, San Diego. Before working in Arterra, he was a Research Scientist at Arena Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, California (2000-2004).

MAARTEN J. CHRISPEELS Professor at University of California San Diego (UCSD), Arterra’s co-founder and scientific consultant.
He is the author of over 250 scientific publications and was elected member of US National Academy of Sciences in 1996. He received the Stephen Hales Award by the American Society of Plant Physiologists in 1997. He has been consultant and member of several scientific committees in US government and Biotech Companies.

PAOLO A. COLUCCI Arterra’s co-founder and legal consultant.
He graduated in Law summa cum laude at the University of Napoli “Federico II” in 1981. In 1984, he earned his LL.M (Master in Laws) at Harvard Law School, and in 1988 founded the law firm of Lega, Colucci & Albertazzi in Milan. Paolo has more than 30 year experience in corporate finance and business law, having completed a very significant number of transactions. He is also the founder of the jazz club Blue Note Milano.