Arterra developed in vitro intestinal models, based on co-cultures of different human cell lines, capable to reproduce a differentiated intestinal epithelium.
These models allow the creation of real and genuine networks between the cellular components involved and allow us to understand how to intervene on the molecular mechanisms underlying many pathological conditions.

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Our intestinal models are able to simulate the inflammatory processes of many pathological conditions. We can carry out a screening of compounds to be used for the treatment of the inflammatory state and the various related pathologies.


Arterra developed an in vitro intestinal model with the aim to identify new products, capable of preventing and treating inflammatory processes and / or oxidative stress, exploiting the potential of products of plant and food origin.


Hippocrates claimed that “all diseases begin in the intestine”. In Arterra we have developed various in vitro intestinal models with the aim to identify new products, capable to prevent and to treat the most common inflammatory processes, exploiting the prebiotic potential of plant components and their ability to interact with the microbiota and the intestinal tissue.