Arterra’s skills, evolved in different sectors of natural sciences, and its innovative biotechnology research platforms cover various fields and find application on many markets.


Thanks to the decennial collaboration with ISAGRO, Arterra has always been committed to the development of biotech solutions to improve the assimilation of the nutrients or the defence against insects and pathogenic microorganisms.


Arterra developed biotech solutions for the preservation and conservation of the food quality that can be validated using our screening platforms.


We investigate natural and eco-sustainable active ingredients, deriving from plant cell cultures or food by-products, for the well-being and the protection of the skin.

medical devices / pharmaceutics

We develop active ingredients that are useful in medical or pharmaceutical devices. We are present on this market in partnership with ADL Farmaceutici since June 2021.


Thanks to its in vitro intestine platform, Arterra aims to enter this rapidly expanding market by proposing sustainable and effective solutions starting from our know-how both on plant cultures and on co-products of the agricultural supply chain.