Arterra developed a wide collection of plant cultures: in vitro plants, stem cells and root cultures grown both in flasks and in bioreactors. Plant cells in culture have a specific pattern of secondary metabolites, synthesized by different organs and in response to environmental stimulation that characterizes the environment in which they grow (light, temperature and water, chemical, oxidative, osmotic stress). By varying the cultivation conditions, plant cells produce specific metabolites and allow us to supply active ingredients in various fields of application.


Arterra is a global leader in innovation and the development of effective, safe, natural and sustainable products for the world of cosmetics. Our cell culture or plant organ extracts are the international reference benchmark and are present in prestigious skincare and make-up brands, under the Vitalab brand.

medical devices

“Medicinal” plants have always played a fundamental role in the production of therapeutic molecules, and still today they represent an important source in drug design. Arterra uses plant cell products as a source of active ingredients to create innovative medical devices.


In vitro cultures are a valid tool to improve the production and the research of nutraceutics from plant species known and selected for their active ingredients. In Arterra we use our know-how on the biosynthetic pathways of the plants to stimulate the production of particular metabolites that have beneficial functions on human health.