cookies policy


What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files containing a minimum of information sent to the browser and stored on the computer, mobile device or other device of the user when visiting a website.
With each link, the cookies return information to the reference website.
Cookies can be permanent (“Persistent” cookies) if they are stored on the device until the user deletes them, or temporary (“Session” cookies) if they are deactivated when the browser is closed.
Cookies can also be first-party cookies if set by the visited website, or third-party cookies ifset from a website other than the one visited.
What do we use cookies for?
We use cookies to improve the functionality of our website, to allow the user to move smoothly between the pages, to remember his preferences and to always guarantee an optimal navigation experience.

Cookies used and their purpose

Essential cookies
These cookies are essential to allow the user to move on the website and to use the required services, such as access to protected areas of the website.
The essential cookies are first-party cookies and can be permanent or temporary. We use this type of cookiesin order to manage the registration and access phase by the users. Without these cookies, the user would not be able to access the requested services and our website would not work properly.

Session cookies
These cookies allow the website to remember the actions of the user (such as login, language or country of access) and to provide more personalized features. Session cookies can also serve to provide services requested by the user, such as accessing a video or inserting a comment to a blog.
The information used by these cookies is anonymous and it is not possible to track the user’s actions on other websites.
We use these cookies for:
– Remembering if a particular service has already been provided to the user.
– Improving the general experience on our website by remembering the preferences of the user.

Advertising and marketing cookies
These cookies are used to limit the visualization of an advertisement by the user and to monitor the distribution of advertising campaigns.
We do not use these cookies on our website as we do not process data for marketing or profiling purposes.